Entertainer Bernie Clifton in death metal mix-up

Bernie Clifton
Bernie Clifton....definitely not Abhorrent Decimation

Ostrich-riding entertainer Bernie Clifton is “furious” after his album was accidentally printed with a tracklist for death metal band Abhorrent Decimation.

The 80-year-old’s album of cover songs instead features the tracklist to Abhorrent Decimation’s latest album Miasmic Mutation. He made the record following his appearance on BBC show The Voice.

He tells the BBC he is “fuming and furious” and about the mistake. He adds: “I got the CDs out the box and I looked on the back and here was the tracklist of a death metal group.”

Clifton – famous for riding a toy yellow ostrich – eventually saw the funny side. Making reference to his The Voice performance of The Impossible Dream, he says: “We could go on the road, me and the lads. We could do To Dream The Impossible Miasmic Mutation.”

Abhorrent Decimation – who in 2014 performed in a tiny soundproofed box in London – say: “Not sure what has happened here exactly but it seems we’ve done a split with Bernie Clifton. Safe.”

Their album Miasmic Mutation can be streamed and ordered via their BandCamp page.