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Enter Shikari's Rou Reynolds: Music has broadened my world view

Enter Shikari
Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds says making music in the band has given him a broader view of the world.

The UK outfit often explore political issues in their lyrics – and Reynolds says he’s discovered a range of topics which can become “almost an obsession.”

He tells New Noise Magazine: “The band has certainly infused me to delve into all sorts of subjects I would probably just not be bothered about. The main reason is fear of being wrong.

“When you’re on a pedestal, people are looking at you with these expectations of you, so there’s the fear of saying something stupid or getting a question about politics and not knowing anything about it.

“There’s that social anxiety, which drives a lot of it. That’s like the kindling. But once you get interested in it, it becomes almost an obsession.”

Reynolds admits he doesn’t normally talk about social issues with his friends outside the band – but says when asked his view on subjects via social media, he’ll respond.

He adds: “It’s a bit disconcerting the amount of power that you realise you have, and people look up to you and really listen to what you say.

“When we tour all over the world and we speak to people, they say, ‘You influenced me to do this or that,’ and some are real palpable changes to their lives, influencing what university course they picked or what job they’re getting etc.

“It’s quite scary – it’s a lot of pressure. It’s also exciting. It’s a weird plethora of emotions.”

Enter Shikari are about to head out on a European tour, before visiting Japan and Australia in September.

Enter Shikari 2016 tour dates

Jun 10: Interlaken Greenfield Festival, Switzerland
Jun 16: Madrid Magic Box, Spain
Jun 18: Madrid Magic Box, Spain
Jul 01: Swansea Scene Club, UK
Jul 09: Shepton Mallet Antique Fair, UK
Jul 15: Bontida Eletric Castle Festival, Romania
Jul 30 Yantarny Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia
Aug 24: Budapest Barba Negra Track, Hungary
Sep 06: Shibuya O-East, Japan
Sep 08: Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Sep 09: Nagoya Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Sep 10: Tokyo Minato Osaka Blitz, Japan
Sep 19: Melbourne Billboard Saturdays, Australia
Sep 20: Newstead Triffid, Australia
Sep 21: Sydney Metro Theatre, Australia
Sep 22: Hindmarsh Gov, Australia
Sep 04: Fremantle Metropolis, Australia

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