Electric Wizard, Cathedral stars form supergroup


Members of Cathedral and ex-members of Electric Wizard have joined forces in a new project called With The Dead.

Former Electric Wizard bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening are joined in the band by Cathedral singer Lee Dorrian. The UK-based trio will issue their self-titled debut album on October 16 via Rise Above Records.

In a statement, the label says: “Like the product of some sort of alchemical alignment or a diabolical modern demon summoned by a whispered incantatory spell, With The Dead formed on All Hallow’s Eve 2014. They worked quickly and the result is a six-track, self-titled debut broadside that draws on the members’ rich musical legacy but without ever taking a backward step.

“Rising like a fecund creature from the fetid bogs of old England, With The Dead is a malevolent beast that lurches and staggers, flattening everything in its path. Guitars moil and curdle, bubbling up through the loam like black tar, while existing fans will surely welcome the return of Dorrian’s distinctly hateful vocals.”

With The Dead tracklist

  1. Crown Of Burning Stars 2. The Cross 3. Nephthys 4. Living With The Dead 5. I Am The Virus 6. Screams From My Own Grave