Dizzy: GNR will be back after a rest

Dizzy Reed has laughed off rumours Axl Rose is considering wrapping up Guns N' Roses and retiring from music, and insists the band will be back next year after some much-needed time off.

The keyboard player says a rest is in order after GNR’s second Las Vegas residency – but states that rumours of mainman Rose retiring are nonsense.

He tells Billboard: “I’m not sure if we’re going to be doing anything else this year. Hopefully we will, but definitely next year. We can’t stay away too long.

“You know, so much of that crap gets out there, you can’t believe any of it. At this point, having been in the band for so long, nothing surprises me. When I hear things like that, I immediately dismiss them until I hear further. I’m never really concerned enough to even ask where it came from, or why. If it’s that important I’ll be getting a phone call.”

Reports claimed Rose was planning to end his career following the last of GnR’s No Trickery! An Evening Of Destruction shows at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. But the singer shot down those stories in a statement saying: “I’m not going anywhere… GNR fans sure have a radar for BS!”

Reed says there’s a “shitload” of songs written for a follow-up to 2008 album Chinese Democracy. He tells Rolling Stone: “If the new record is not done, then it’s close to being done. I think it’s just a matter of picking out which songs will be on it.”

The band released Appetite For Democracy 3D: Live From The Hard Rock Casino – Las Vegas earlier this month. The show was filmed on November 21, 2012 during their tour in celebration of 25 years of debut record Appetite For Destruction.