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Diamond Head lose singer Nick Tart

Diamond Head singer Nick Tart has quit citing the band’s reluctance to record a new album as one of the key catalysts in his departure.

Tart also admits geography played its part in his decision, with his permanent residence in Brisbane, Australia, making tours and band get-togethers difficult.

A statement on the band’s official Facebook page reads: “After 11 years of being the singer for Diamond Head I now feel it’s time for me to move on.

“I was hoping to pen a third album, but making new music with the band became limited. Guitarist Brian Tatler mentioned he had no interest in making a new album, he didn’t feel the urge, which I can totally understand.

“After living in Brisbane for nearly six years now, I’ve been very fortunate to still be able to fly to the UK and US for tours, thanks to hard work and determination of Karl Wilcox our drummer.

“When Diamond Head get offered work, festivals for example, they should be in a position to say yes, without worrying about all the hassle it will take to get me involved.”

Diamond Head have already hit the road with a new singer, Chas West of The Jason Bonham Band, Lynch Mob, 3 Legged Dogg and Tribe Of Gypsies, and Tart insists he has no hard feelings towards his former band mates.

He adds: “As most are aware they have already started the October tour with a replacement singer and I wish them nothing but the very best. I haven’t heard the new guy yet but I’m sure he will be great.”

Tart helped pen two albums with the influential thrash legends, but now he is looking to focus on the future and a new project closer to home.

He says: “ I’m very proud of the two albums I have written and recorded with DH and the touring we have done was way beyond my expectations, especially performing at Knebworth with Metallica.

“I now have my own band here in Brisbane. It’s taken me a long time to find someone to connect with musically, but I’m now writing new material and things are shaping up nicely. I’m getting quite excited, so I now need to move forward.

“Love and thanks to those DH fans that accepted and encouraged me when I first joined the band and have followed us ever since, you know who you are.”

Tart joined the band in 2004 as a replacement for Sean Harris. Tatler is the only original remaining member of the group, who have been cited as influences on Metallica and Megadeth.