Diamond Head issue trailer for self-titled album


Diamond Head have released a video trailer for their upcoming seventh album.

The self-titled effort arrives on March 11 and is the first to feature new vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen.

Mainman Brian Tatler previously said: “Ras has certainly renewed the energy. I had no interest in doing a record – but after working with Ras on the European tour, that suddenly changed.

“I wanted to make a record with him. He’s a confident singer and he’s not trying to fill anyone’s shoes.”

In the trailer, Tatler also reveals the band will hit the road from April.

Diamond Head tracklist

  1. Bones
  2. Shout At The Devil
  3. Set My Soul On Fire
  4. See You Rise
  5. All The Reasons You Live
  6. Wizards Sleeve
  7. Our Time Is Now
  8. Speed
  9. Blood On My Hands
  10. Diamonds
  11. Silence

Diamond Head 2016 tour dates

Apr 22: Swindon Level 3, UK
Apr 23: Crumlin The Patriot, UK
Apr 30: Northwich Memorial Court, UK
May 01: Telford The Haygate, UK
May 07: Razzet L-Ahmar, Malta
May 11: Ibiza Hard Rock Hell Road Trip, Spain
Jun 05: Alvesta Muskelrock Tyrolen, Sweden
Jun 08: Solvesborg Rock Festival, Sweden
Jun 18: Daun Der Detze Rockt, Germany
Jul 30: Barnet Rugby Club, UK
Aug 12: Bloodstock Open Air, UK
Aug 18: Bilston The Robin 2, UK
Aug 27: Andalusia Skull Of Metal Fest, Spain
Sep 17: Puchersreuth Storm Crusher Festival, Germany