Dee Snider fears the worst as Shakira fans seek vengeance for moralistic 2020 tweet: ‘They’re gonna finish me!’

Dee Shakira
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Dee Snider is in fear for his life following death threats from enraged Shakira fans.

“They’ve told me they’re gonna finish me!” the clearly terrified 66-year-old singer revealed in an audio message to his social media followers. “So, if I suddenly disappear, you know what happened.”

This not-entirely-serious revelation comes after the former Twisted Sister frontman received a message from a Shakira fan who took umbrage to an oddly moralistic tweet the singer posted in February 2020 while observing the hugely popular Colombian pop star and Jennifer Lopez performing at the Super Bowl half time show. Snider, no stranger to self-appointed moral guardians himself, apparently considered the pop duo’s dance routines too raunchy for the NFL showcase’s family audience.

Actually, Snider started criticising the pair long before their creative collaboration began, reacting to the news that the singers had been booked by tweeting in September 2019: “WTF!? @shakira and @jlo for this year’s @nfl halftime show!? Once again the great heavy music that rocks the stadiums week after week, game after game is completely ignored. I guess we don’t shake our ass enough!!”

This rather unseemly and weirdly inappropriate obsession with the two pop stars’ ‘asses’ reared up once more for the Astoria, New York-born singer while watching the duo perform on the day.

“Beginning to pole humping, ass slapping, ass shaking end. If that’s the requirements for a half-time show, none of the rock bands I know can or will do that. #justsayin,” the singer tweeted on February 3, 2020.

Criticising the pop stars might just end in tears for the singer however, as he revealed that he’s now a marked man in the eyes of Shakira’s militant fan-base.

“Well faithful followers, this could be this end,” Snider admitted. “A Shakira fan found a post I did two years ago about Shakira and JLo (Jennifer Lopez) shaking their asses at Super Bowl. And now the Shakira Army is literally out to get me. They’ve told me they’re gonna finish me! So, if I suddenly disappear, you know what happened.“

As a post-script, in 2020 Snider backed an online petition to have AC/DC perform at the Super Bowl.

Given that AC/DC guitarist Angus Young has got his own petite, peachy ‘ass’ out at every single AC/DC show since about 1976, we can only hope that this show of support won’t backfire horribly for the buttocks-hating singer. 

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