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David Bowie, Nick Cave Christmas decorations revealed

A Very New Wave Christmas decoration set
A Very New Wave Christmas decoration set

David Bowie, The Cure’s Robert Smith and Nick Cave will liven up Christmas trees this holiday season in the form of a new range of festive decorations.

Designer Matthew Lineham has branched out with The Very New Wave Christmas set, featuring the pun-tastic ‘David Snowie’, ‘Saint Nick’ and ‘Merry Smithmas’ ornaments.

Other music icons who have been given the yuletide treatment include Siouxsie Sioux, who will be transformed into Cindy Lou Who from the popular Dr Seuss tale, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Morrissey will also star as Snow Mozzer and Heat Mozzer, based on the Miser Brothers from the 70s festive film The Year Without A Santa Claus, while Adam Ant will be reimagined as the Nutcracker soldier.

Meanwhile, Cult band Devo’s signature energy dome is made into a Christmas tree figure, with avant-garde singer Klaus Nomi and composer Danny Elfman also included in the festive collection.

The rubber die cut bendable ornaments can be purchased from $10 a pop or $50 for the entire set on his website. View the collection below.

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David Snowie

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Siouxsie Lou Who

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Merry Smithmas

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Saint Nick

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Snow Mozzer and Heat Mozzer

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Santa Klaus

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Elfman On A Shelfman

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Dev-O Christmas Tree

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