Dave Lombardo has announced his debut solo album, and it's comprised entirely of drums

Dave Lombardo
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Dave Lombardo has done a lot of things in his career. But after playing on nine Slayer albums, and helping shape a whole genre movement, and joining forces with everyone from Testament and Mr Bungle to Suicidal Tendencies and Annihilator, just to name a few, over the years, he's stepping out on his own for the very first time.

He has revealed the details of his debut solo album Rites Of Percussion, which will be released on May 05. And its main focus is drums and their emotional power. So the self-produced record will feature the use of a large concert bass drum, a timpani, a grand piano, and a flock of shakers, maracas, Chinese and symphonic gongs, Native American drums, congas, timbales, bongos, batás, wood blocks, djembes, ibos, darbukas, octobans, cajóns, and cymbals across its 13 tracks.

Dave had this to say about it all coming together: “[Mike] Patton originally gave me the idea as far back as 1998. He introduced me to Tito Puente’s Top Percussion album. I was already familiar with Tito and was a bit shocked that Patton was so musically diverse, and that he surrounded himself with musicians of the same mindset. That inspired me. I have had ideas that I’ve recorded on cassette over the years, but Patton kept insisting that I had to do a ‘drum album.’ So, the idea behind the album is years in the making. I just had to find the right time—for me—to do it.

“When the pandemic hit, I thought, ‘Well, I can’t tour now'. I immediately started working on the record. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I had my studio, all my drums. Nothing was in storage for once! My home became a place where I could be free and creative. On the one hand, the touring part of my livelihood had been taken away, but on the other, I finally had the time to educate myself on different software and recording techniques. It was a very educational and gratifying experience.”

You can hear the first taste of the record right now as well, which you can pre-order from here. It's called Journey Of The Host, and is a tension-filled, psychedelic, riveting blend of beats. It's fast, frantic and fantastically fun. 

Artwork for Rites Of Percussion

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Rites of Percussion Tracklisting

1. Initiatory Madness
2. Separation from the Sacred
3. Inner Sanctum
4. Journey of the Host
5. Maunder in Liminality
6. Despojo
7. Interfearium
8. Blood Let
9. Warpath
10. Guerrero
11. Vicissitude
12. Omiero
13. Animismo

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