Cradle Of Filth Reveal Demo Re-Issue

Cradle Of Filth are re-releasing their infamous 1993 demo Total Fucking Darkness - and they’re doing it in style.

Remastered on lush vinyl with art by BBC Radio 1 presenter and Hammer contributor Daniel P Carter and released on May 5, the opus will also feature a splattering of previously unreleased tracks from as long as 20 years back.

There will, of course be a CD version for the untr00, and 666 copies in coloured vinyl for the particularly tr00.

Total Fucking Darkness Tracklist

**Side I **

Spattered in Faeces

The Black Goddess

Rises As Deep as any Burial

**Side II **

Unbridled at Dusk

The Raping of Faith

Fraternally Yours


**Side III **

Devil Mayfair (Advocatus Diaboli)

The Black Goddess

Rises Seance And Mandrake (Instr.)

**Side IV **

The Raping of Faith

Unbridled at Dusk

Hekate Enthroned (Instr.)