Someone's suggested the things Ozzy might be shouting instead of 'All aboard!' at the start of Crazy Train and it's getting silly

Olive Oil and Ozzy Osbourne
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Recently, we discovered that Metallica's Enter Sandman was the most misheard song in the US, thanks to a new study by Wordfinder. The survey found that 70 percent of listeners mistook the lyric 'exit' for 'eggs', which, in spite of it being totally incorrect, was actually pretty funny.

Although our initial reaction was to be gobsmacked and wonder how anyone could possibly mistake the lyrics to such an iconic song, a new TikTok has us retracting our elitist judgement.

In a short but sweet video by @chang.minista, the start of Ozzy Osbourne's debut solo single Crazy Train is played out, specifically the part where The Prince Of Darkness yells the song's iconic introductory line 'ALL ABOOOOARD!'. Meanwhile, a selection of words which could easily be mistaken for the lyrics appear on the screen, such as 'olive oil' and 'on a bun', the latter of which shows a young Ozzy riding a bun. (Metal can be silly sometimes).

Other misheard lyrics include 'olive boat', 'audible' (as in the Amazon audiobook company) and 'horny bug'. There's even a part two, which suggests the lyrics could be 'autobot', 'early bird', 'olive bar', 'olimaar' and 'oliver'.

Okay, we all know Ozzy isn't actually yelling these phrases (the fact the song is about riding a chaotic, soul-destroying train is bit of giveaway), but listening to how the lyrics could be interpreted if viewed in another light is rather amusing. 

Check it out below:


♬ original sound - Oldiesbutgoldies

♬ original sound - Oldiesbutgoldies

Last week, the former Black Sabbath frontman scored his first number one album in the US, with Patient Number 9. The album made its way to the top of Billboard's Top Album Sales chart with 52,500 equivalent album units in its first week.

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