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Coroner promise new music is on the way

Thrash metal icons Coroner will record new music, according to guitarist Tommy Vetterli.

The Swiss group’s lats album was 1993’s acclaimed Grin and they split three years later. A reunion in 2010 has proved successful, but there has so far been no sign of any new material.

But Vetterli tells Australia’s The Racket that a new album is on the cards.

He says: “I can’t say when. It’s just what we want. But everybody’s very busy, you know. Me producing bands in the studio all the time. And after Grin, it’s not easy.

“If we do something, it has to be very good. We’re gonna start to write songs and then see what happens.”

Last month original Coroner drummer Marky Edelmann announced he was leaving the band, saying he had no interest in recording new music. He was replaced by Diego Rapacchietti.

In the rest of the interview, Vetterli also discusses the band’s reunion gigs.

Vetterli on new Coroner music

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