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Civil War name 3rd guitarist

Sabaton offshoot Civil War have announced the addition of guitarist Peturs Granar to their lineup.

He’s joined Rikard Sunden, Oskar Montelius, Daniel Myhr and Daniel Mullback in the lineup, which also includes Patrik Johansson (Astral Doors) and Stefan Eriksson (Volturyon).

Granar had been working as a roadie with the band since last year, and they report it “just feels natural” to bring him on stage as their seventh member.

After welcoming him by dousing him in champagne, they report: “Petrus has been a friend, and he’s worked closely with us since The Killer Angels. He’s a very talented guitarist and good with arrangements. We look forward to have him in our band of brothers – he’ll add another dimension to our live sound and push the boundaries of what we can do.”

Civil War are currently working on their second album, part two of a trilogy about the American Civil War, which is planned for release later this year.

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