This genius has turned an angry Christian pastor’s rantings into a killer metal song

Andre Antunes and Christian pastor
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

There's been quite the political storm in America as of late. With the recent Roe v. Wade ruling, which saw the law that protects women's right to an abortion overturned, the ethical divides in the States have never seemed so turbulent. Sadly, judging by a new video that's gone viral, it looks like one church in Arizona would be more than happy if American citizens were stripped of all of their progressive rights, including gay marriage. 

Andre Antunes, a genius internet axe-slinger with the almighty power to riff over any material given to him, has chosen a pastor from this aforementioned church as his next inspiration, turning what originally was a hate-filled speech into a hate-filled speech with metal riffs. It's a lovely bit of piss-taking - and what better way is there to poke fun at the absurdity of the world than giving it an extreme metal makeover?

Within the video, Antunes progressively riffs over the pastor's furious speech, without altering its pitch or speed. Christening the redub The Most Metal Church in the World, the guitarist plays through each part of the religious leader's talk, while the audience inside the building bang their heads, and wave their arms around, just as if they were at a metal show.

It all fits perfectly, and if not for the awful, oppressive rhetoric and the gruelling beliefs behind it, we'd imagine the pastor in question would make for quite the talented metal vocalist. 

"AMERICA I'M GIVING YOU ONE MORE CHANCE TO CHOSE RIGHTEOUSNESS!" shouts the pastor, who appears to be sporting the most Karen haircut of all Karen haircuts. 

Captioning the video, Antunes writes: "Arizona Preacher goes Metal! No pitch-correction/autotune software was used. Video was not sped up or slowed down either."

Gnarly. Check it out below:

Liz Scarlett

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