Chris Caffery's birthday wish


Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra guitarist Chris Caffery hopes to release his new single on his birthday this week.

He says he is working on the track titled My Light and hopes to release it on his Bandcamp page tomorrow (Tuesday) on the day he turns 47.

He says in a statement: “I still have a bit of work to do on my new single but I’m hoping to have it ready by my birthday on September 9. I want to do exactly what I did last year, which is to give it as a present to my friends on that day. I have some lead vocals and guitar work left before I can mix.”

Caffery also released the artwork for the single, which he composed himself – a project he says he had fun on.

He continues: “I did the cover when I returned home from the Bowers Pepperfest. I enjoy doing the covers for these singles. For my new album, I will hire an artist. However, the last few singles I released I had fun putting some meanings from the individual songs into their digital release covers.”

The guitarist, who will reunite with his Savatage bandmates at next summer’s Wacken Open Air festival in Germany and will take the stage immediately after Trans-Siberian Orchestra, also confirmed he would release his new album straight after the festival.

It will be the follow-up to 2009 solo outing House Of Insanity.

Wacken Open Air 2015 takes place between July 30 - August 1 in Wacken Germany.