Butcher Babies' singer takes a novel approach


Carla Harvey has said her book Death And Other Dances was inspired by her experiences working in hospices and funeral homes before she found fame with Butcher Babies.

Speaking with Detroit Live, the singer says: “Death And Other Dances is a story about the human condition and how touch connects us all. It’s about loneliness and how in today’s digital age we are more connected, yet disconnected since we don’t actually interact face-to-face.

“I worked in hospices and funeral homes and I was also a dancer for years. I saw a correlation between customers at the clubs and also my patients.

“Most of the customers I met at clubs were lonely and didn’t really have anyone at home. In a lot of the hospices, patients I took care of seemed abandoned by their families as well. Working in these environments, I came to the conclusion that everyone wants to be touched, everyone wants to be acknowledged and everyone wants to be loved.

“We all go to different lengths to find that love in our lives – and that’s what the novel is about. I can’t wait for it to come out.”

The novel can be pre-ordered direct from Harvey’s official site, while Butcher Babies head out on the road for a US tour in September.