BTBAM: Old songs go down like wet fart at a funeral


Between The Buried And Me insist they won't play their oldest material live because it goes down “like a wet fart at a funeral.”

Guitarist Paul Waggoner caused a stir among fans when he told Heavy Blog Is Heavy recently that they would never play any material from the four albums before 2007’s Colors.

He said at the time: “The reality is that most of our fans came on board with Colors or maybe Alaska so we have to cater to that, unfortunately. We would like to play some old stuff but the fact of the matter is that most people have never heard it, don’t care, and don’t know what it is.”

Fans reacted angrily to the interview on the band’s Facebook page, with some accusing them of “selling out” by ignoring their early material.

The band have since responded, saying via Facebook: “We are an active band and we continue to write new music. As this happens, older material begins to become less relevant to what we are currently doing. If you’ve seen us multiple times over the last four or five years, you’ve probably noticed that we only play two or three pre-Colors songs.

“Those few songs are fan favourites and I’m sure we will still bust them out from time to time. Unfortunately, when we add some of the more obscure older songs to our set, they either detract from the flow of the show, or just generally go over like a wet fart at a funeral.

“So to sum it up and get crazy specific, you will still likely hear Mordecai or Selkies on occasion. Maybe even a couple others. But if you want us to play Naked By The Computer or Destructo Spin, you may have to wait until our reunion tour.”