Oli Sykes needs breaks from ADHD meds

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes admits he takes breaks from his ADHD medication so he can be “silly and fun” – but he’s far from ready to stop taking them for good.

He’s been receiving medical care after developing a ketamine problem, which he revealed to fans last year. He’s since returned to work with the band and they’ve just released fifth album That’s The Spirit.

Sykes tells Metal Hammer: “It’s funny that I’ve got to take a drug to stop doing other drugs.

“I have cut down on my medications – I’m trying harder. If I’m off it for just a day it’s like the old me times a million, like I’m just stupid. But as soon as that hits I’m just working and have no time for fun.

“I always make sure I come off it every so often and have a few days of being silly and fun.”

But he continues: “Quitting is out of the question right now. It’s something I wouldn’t dare toy with – it’s done me too much good.”

And while he’s convinced he wouldn’t return to ketamine if he did stop, he adds: “It’s just great for working. The album wouldn’t have been written without the medication.”

BMTH launch a European tour in November. The full interview appears in the next edition of Metal Hammer, out next week – stay tuned for more details.

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