Bob Dylan signed art goes on sale


Bob Dylan has autographed a limited run of 250 prints of classic photographs taken between 1962 and 1966.

There are 25 sets of the Behind The Picture Frame collection of 10 prints available for sale – with each individual image costing £1800, or £1900 framed.

The 10 prints are titled Folk City, Greenwich Village, Newport Folk, Freewheelin’, The Times They Are A Changing, Another Side, Princeton, Biograph, Columbia Records and Royal Albert Hall.

Fans who purchase the complete set of 10 will also be given an archival case in which to store them.

The Dylan prints are being released via Genesis Publications, who say: “In 1965, hailed as the world’s most-loved folk poet, Dylan brought rock into his repertoire, refusing to stand still. ‘I don’t call myself a poet,’ he stated, ‘I’m a trapeze artist.’ Fifty years on, Behind The Picture Frame celebrates Dylan’s ingenuity and the excitement of those times.

Behind The Picture Frame follows Dylan from the scene of his Greenwich Village debut, to the spotlights of London’s Royal Albert Hall. Taken between 1962 and 1966 by some of the world’s greatest photographers, the series presents 10 highly collectible editions.

“Each archival print is signed as a mark of authenticity by the artist himself, Bob Dylan.”

Earlier this year, an exhibition of Dylan’s art called Bob Dylan: Face Values was held at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

And in June, a set of Dylan’s handwritten lyrics for the song Like A Rolling Stone sold for $2million at auction. This month it was announced 500 copies of a hardcover book of his lyrics were being made available at a cost of £125 each.