Biohazard work on 'heavier' new tunes


Biohazard singer Billy Graziadei says the band is writing new material with their live shows at the forefront of their minds.

Graziadei says the band are writing “faster, more aggressive” new songs but adds that they are determined to make music that will work well in a live setting as well as make for an interesting record.

He tells NoiseEyes: “We’re writing, sharing ideas and jamming on new stuff. It’s more focused Biohazard, more songs that we can play live. That’s what we all are kind of striving for.

“We don’t wanna have songs on the record that, it sounds great on the record, but there’s no way it’s gonna work live. I like that side of Biohazard, but right now, we don’t wanna do that. So it’s heavier, faster, more aggressive.”

The next Biohazard album will be the band’s 10th, and first since 2012’s Reborn In Defiance.

Watch the interview below, in which Graziadei also discusses the lyrical content of the new material and his feelings on playing festivals.