Biohazard album won’t be rushed


Biohazard frontman Billy Graziadei says they won’t be rushed into releasing their 10th album.

He said last year that the band were looking to issue the follow-up to 2012’s Reborn In Defiance in “early to mid-2015.” But he now insists it’ll appear next year as they want to deliver their best material to date.

Graziadei tells The Metalist: “I’d rather have a record that stands the test of time and that we can play live every night that works rather than rushing an album just to get it out because everybody wants it.

“So when it’s ready, it’s ready. But we have a whole slew of songs that are kick-ass.”

He reports they’re writing “full-on, in-your-face” tracks, and adds: “It’s all the songs that are just high energy and stuff that will work well live. I think we infuse our influences unintentionally, but it just comes out naturally. And it’s a weird way of having this punk energy and looseness to the tightness of metal and thrash and hardcore.”

Graziadei, Bobby Hambel, Danny Schuler and Scott Roberts will release the as-yet-untiled album via Nuclear Blast.

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