Biffy Clyro working on 20 ‘aggressive’ tracks


Biffy Clyro are currently working on 20 tracks which mainman Simon Neil describes as “aggressive.”

The band are busy writing material for their as-yet-untitled seventh album – but Neil reveals not all will make the final cut as they don’t want to release another double record following 2013’s Opposites.

He tells Q Magazine: “We’ve probably got 20 songs that are about 80% finished. It’s sounding really rocking at the moment. I think it’s important to put some more rules and limitations on what we do because on the last few records we ran with whatever ideas we had.

“So on this one, when I say stripped back, it’s not going to sound skeletal or anything but perhaps a bit more aggressive. Coming off the back of a double album, it’s important to be really concise so we might only have 10 songs.”

Biffy previously said they were looking to release their latest work towards the end of the year as they didn’t want to rush the writing and recording process.

They launched B-sides compilation Similarities last year.