Beyond The Redshift: breaking down barriers?


Beyond The Redshift takes place across three venues in London tomorrow, curated by Cult Of Luna before they go on hiatus, and sponsored by Prog.

Ahead of the big day, Cult Of Luna’s Johannes Persson has launched a podcast in which he talks to The Old Wind’s Robin Staps about the barriers between artists and audiences, and how each band deals with them.

Staps says: “As soon as you’re performing for an audience you step away from the person you are in private. You’re taking on an identity – and that’s the thrill of it. There is a distance between the performer and the audience made visible by a stage and barriers, and I think it’s necessary to keep that, to keep the myth working and to give them something mystical.

“At the same time, we’re coming from a scene where it’s important to step over those barriers. It’s interesting to see what different stances artists take.”

Persson admits: “I had one glass of wine too much when I did the interview –but Robin made it worthwhile.”

Beyond The Redshift will be held in London’s Forum, Dome and Boston Music Room venues with a total of 23 artists performing.

Organisers say: “There have been lots of factors to consider when putting these times together. Getting people around the venues; avoiding genre clashes; and creating a decent flow of music throughout the day. We hope we’ve achieved all of this – or we’ve at least got as close as we’re going to get.”

Some tickets remain on sale.

Beyond The Redshift preview podcast: Persson and Staps