B.B. King manager did ‘everything she could’

B.B. King’s manager LaVerne Toney did everything she could for him in the days leading up to his passing, her lawyer has said.

Brent Bryson’s statement is in response to allegations by two of King’s daughters that he was poisoned to death earlier this month.

Police are investigating the claim, although the process is on hold until autopsy results are returned. The coroner in charge of the case has stated there are no immediate signs of foul play.

Bryson says: “Recently allegations have been made accusing LaVerne Toney of wrongdoing involving the death B. B. King. The allegations are baseless and unfounded and are unsupported in reality.”

He adds that the late musician was monitored on a 24-hour basis by certified nursing assistants and was regularly evaluated by registered nurses.

He also quotes three medical opinions. Dr Darin Brimhall, who attended King for several years, said “there is no action being taken to hasten the demise of Mr King” while Dr Dean Tsai reported the patient had a life expectancy of weeks, that he’d suffered “significant decline” and there was “no reversible component.” Dr Ivan Goldsmith added that there was “no evidence of inappropriate medications” being given.

Bryson continues: “Unfortunately even musical icons die. Ms Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr King’s wishes after his death.

“I hope over these next few days we can focus on Mr King’s musical gifts to the world, and not fictional statements made by those seeking attention at the expense of Mr King.”

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