Anselmo praises BLS for Pantera tribute


Phil Anselmo has praised Black Label Society for “playing the fuck out of” classic Pantera track I'm Broken.

Anselmo’s Down and Zakk Wydle’s BLS have been touring together, with fans treated to a BLS version of I’m Broken as part of the show – as a tribute to former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell who was shot and killed while onstage in 2004 with his band Damageplan.

Wylde started the regular tribute when he invited Anselmo to join BLS on stage to perform the song and Anselmo says he is impressed with BLS’ energy and performance.

He tells the Dallas Observer: “Since we’ve been out here, it has been spur of the moment. We don’t want to do the same fucking thing every fucking night. But I’ll say Black Label Society has a pretty fucking good professional sound going on, and for them to throw down Pantera, they deserve some credit learning how to play the song and playing the fuck out of it.”

Watch this video of Anselmo and BLS performing I’m Broken in New York this month.