“The album is so painful for me and at the same time it feels beautiful”: Genre-smashing duo Alt Blk Era announce debut album Rave Immortal, release lead single My Drummer’s Girlfriend

Alt Blk Era in 2024
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Nu metal/punk/electronic pair Alt Blk Era have announced their debut album, Rave Immortal.

The sister co-vocalists, Nyrobi and Chaya, will release the record via Earache Records on January 10, 2025.

See the artwork and full track listing below.

To accompany the announcement, Alt Blk Era have released Rave Immortal’s lead single, My Drummer’s Girlfriend.

The video for the song can also be found below.

Nyrobi and Chaya say of the track: “My Drummer’s Girlfriend is a song about new friendships and the problems a shift in dynamics can cause.

“I’m sure anyone listening to it will be able to think of that ONE person that they just don’t get on with, within a group setting.”

Rave Immortal is promoted as being an album about “diversity and inclusion”, with its central theme being Nyrobi coming to terms with the effect of a lifelong illness she’s had since her adolescence, as well as the support she’s received from Chaya.

Nyrobi comments: “You might not notice on a first listen that this album is about my hidden disability that is a result of chronic illness that took hold during my teens and left me bed-ridden for years. I take the listener through the shadows and share the pain of abandonment I felt, and the solace that I found in my younger sister's unwavering support.”

She continues: “This part of the album is so painful for me and at the same time it feels beautiful because it shows my sister by my side, every step of the way; through each emotion and every story. I wouldn’t have been brave enough to share this part of me without Chaya and the track Come On Outside is a beautiful reflection of her.

“But we don’t stop there! The album then captures the defiant energy that grew within us, as I became more able. The songs show us crashing through the imposed barriers and boldly claiming spaces that we were once excluded from.

“As the songs transition into a dreamscape, they delve into the exploration of relationships; the clash of personalities when fitting into a new friendship group and the dangerous mind of an infatuated person who is scarred by illness and years of isolation.

“The rebellion then builds as we begin to host wild celebrations, fiercely defending our joy after so many years of imposed restriction.

“The final tracks turn the tide, transforming our pursuit of freedom into an exhilarating hunt, where those who once stifled our spirit are drawn into our eternal dance of liberation, freeing them from all worldly constraints.”

Ahead of Rave Immortal’s release, Alt Blk Era will play numerous UK festivals. See dates and get tickets via the duo’s website.

Metal Hammer recently named Alt Blk Era as one of the bands that defined Download Festival 2024.

Alt Blk Era – Rave Immortal track listing:

01. Straight To Heart
02. Come On Outside
03. Crashing Parties
04. My Drummer’s Girlfriend
05. Hunt You Down
06. Upstairs Neighbours
07. Come Fight Me For It
08. Run Rabbit
09. Catch Me If You Can
10. Rave Immortal 

Alt Blk Era – Rave Immortal album cover

(Image credit: Earache)
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