“Cannae beat a bit of AC/DC man!” Watch football legend Ally McCoist’s hilarious reaction to hearing Hells Bells on stadium speakers

Ally McCoist playing air drums, next to a photo of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young in 1982
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A new video has captured football icon Ally McCoist having a wonderful time when AC/DC classic Hells Bells gets played over stadium speakers.

The Scottish former player – who’s now a pundit, commentator and presenter on TV channel Talksport – couldn’t resist a good bit of air-guitar and -drumming at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, ahead of the Champions League quarter-final between Bayern Munich and Arsenal yesterday (April 17).

The 61-year-old’s face lights up when he first hears the track’s bells burst from the speakers.

“It can’t be AC/DC!” he says to somebody offscreen.

“If a guitar comes in here in a minute, it’s gonna be unbelievable!”

When the guitar does indeed kick in, McCoist wholesomely gleams, “It’s Hells Bells! AC/DC!”

“Cannae beat a bit of AC/DC man!” he continues.

McCoist indulges in a wonderful bit of headbanging, air-guitar and air-drumming, before beaming, “They’re brilliant!”

“I saw them, Glasgow Apollo, 1980. That’s the opening tune!”

McCoist is best known for his 15-year stint as a striker at Glaswegian football team Rangers FC from 1983 to 1998.

The now-TV host is also a noted rock fan, having previously listed Bon Jovi as among his all-time favourite artists.

In 2021, McCoist revealed that he once took long-time Rangers manager Walter Smith to an AC/DC gig.

“He loved his music,” McCoist said.

“Bon Jovi, I took him to AC/DC – he didn’t know what AC/DC were all about, and I said, ‘Come on you, old yin, you’re going to Hampden to see AC/DC!’

“Boy did he enjoy that, air guitars were out and everything.

“Angus Young was on stage, he absolutely loved it.”

AC/DC returned to the live stage following a seven-year hiatus from concerts at the Power Trip festival in Indio, California, in October 2023.

The band are currently gearing up for a European tour, which starts on May 17 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Dates and tickets are available via the AC/DC website.

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