Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell looks back on “f**ked up” solo album

Alice In Chains
(Image credit: Pamela Littky)

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has revealed that he was “fucked up” when he released his second solo album, Degradation Trip, in 2002.

“I was just really fucked up back then to be honest with you, and you can totally hear in on that record,” Cantrell told Billboard. “It was done right before I got sober, and it was also done right when I was dealing with the death of my band, and then the unhappy coincidence of Layne [Staley, original Alice In Chains singer] passing away right after I released that record.”

Despite the circumstances surrounding its creation, Cantrell said he looks back on the album with fondness. He revealed that bassist Robert Trujillo and drummer Mike Bordin, who played on the album, have suggested they revisit the album.

“I'll see Robert and Mike every once in a while and they’re like, ‘We should do some fucking shows, man. Some Degradation Trip shows.’ I tell him we'll do it someday.”

Alice In Chains released their sixth studio album, Rainier Fog, on August 24. Cantrell recently told Classic Rock that the album was among the darkest the band had made.

“There’s just as much dark shit on this record, lyrically, as on any record that we ever did,” he said. “There’s some real deep emotional turf on it.”

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