Alan Reed Studio Report Pt. 8


I admit it. I’m a bit of a control freak!

Why else would I set myself such an uphill task as writing and recording an entire album rather than just joining a band and sharing the burden? After all five heads are (usually) better than one. I’m not really sure I know how to answer that question any more. The album feels like it’s been with me forever, and sometimes it feels like it’s only pure bloody-mindedness that’s keeping me going.

That’s not to say I don’t have help. Scott Higham’s done a terrific job on the drums, and Mike Stobbie will be ‘re-imagining’ (i.e. completely re-working) the keyboard department at some point. But the general thrust of it all remains mine. Inspired or foolhardy, only time will tell.

But my talents are not boundless’. (‘Surely not?!?’ I hear you cry!) There’s a point where my imagination is failed by my instrumental (in)abilities, and it’s clear I need to get a man (or woman) in to do the tricky stuff. I’m lucky that I have a few talented friends and acquaintances I can call on who are vastly more adept than I am in their respective fields. I even have e-mail addresses for some of them. Some of these may even be up to date.

And so as and when I reach a point on a track where I’m sure there’s something special someone else can bring to the party, the call goes out. Or at least, it will do. There’s no point in asking until the track itself is ready, so there’s one or two people I still need to approach. But I’m confident they’ll help… ish.

Watch this space for updates….