Ace Frehley says he got an apology from producer who claimed to have written "97%" of former Kiss man's solo album 10,000 Volts

Ace Frehley holding a Les Paul guitar - studio portrait
(Image credit: Jayme Thornton)

Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley says he has received an apology from the producer who claimed to have written "97%" of Ace's new solo album 10,000 Volts.

Frehley co-wrote the album with Trixter guitarist Steve Brown, who also produced the record. Ace says the pair have a great relationship, but that he was "shocked" to hear Brown tell the Kiss-focussed Three Sides of the Coin podcast that he, and not Frehley, had written the overwhelming majority of the music on the album.

Frehley tells The Metal Voice: "I got aggravated the other day because I heard that people were saying I didn't write any of the songs on the record and it was all Steve Brown.

"And Steve, he was doing Three Sides Of The Coin, and he kind of confirmed that by saying, 'Yeah'. The guy said, 'Well, how much did Ace bring to the table?' And he goes, 'Well, I pretty much brought about 97%.'

"And I was really shocked when he said that, because that's not the case. And I called him up and he apologised to me."

Despite the shock, Frehley insists he loves Brown and he is happy with his apology.

He adds: "He's a wonderful guy. I love him. He was so excited about the record, and they were asking him questions that weren't rehearsed – he had no idea. Everybody sometimes toots their own horn a little more than they should sometimes without thinking.

"He was so excited about the record, he made that statement, but he admitted to me last night that that wasn't the case. And I brought up Up In The Sky and several other things. What's that one song that everybody's jumpin' on bandwagon now? Fightin' For Life, saying it's one of the best songs on the record. I rewrote the whole chorus for that."

The pair shared songwriting credits credit 50/50, as Frehley says it's easier to work that way.

He adds: "We just decided, no matter how much one of us brought to the table, we're gonna split everything in half because it's a lot easier doing it that way.

"Because I don't need the money that bad. And I know Steve worked really hard, because not only did he co-produce it, but he engineered the whole record himself. And I didn't have to pay for an engineer, so that saved me thousands of dollars. 

"Whatever one guy brought to the table or the other guy, it really didn't matter. To me, the most important thing is the end result. I sang lead on all the songs. I played guitar solos on 80% of the songs, 75%.

"It really doesn't matter who came up with what first. I always end up Ace-ifying it, putting my stamp on it. You can't get away from my voice. The minute you hear my voice, you know it's Ace Frehley."

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