A best-selling author and lifelong metalhead was left stunned at his book-signing when Tony Iommi joined the queue

Paul Finch and Tony Iommi
(Image credit: Paul Finch)

In one of the more wholesome moments of the week, one lifelong metal fan found himself star-struck after Tony Iommi joined the queue at his book-signing.

The fan in question was best-selling thriller writer Paul Finch, who was hosting a book-signing in Wigan for his latest hit novel, Never Seen Again.

Finch's book explores the fictional disappearance of a woman named Jodie Martindale. Washed-up journalist David Kelman, who covers the case, happens upon groundbreaking evidence - a voicemail containing the voice of the missing person - which sends him into a spiralling obsession and "down a rabbit hole of lies, to a dark and deadly truth."

Although we haven't read it ourselves, it sounds gripping and very dark indeed - it's no wonder The Dark Lord / Black Sabbath guitarist is a fan. 

According to a report by Wigan Today, during the event, Finch noticed the legendary musician - who hails from Birmingham - politely queuing up with Finch's other fans, before asking for the author's signature on his own copy of Never Seen Again.

After posing for photos with the living guitar God, Finch told Wigan Today: “It’s been a brilliant day, but signing a book for Tony was the icing on the cake.”

Iommi was reportedly given Finch's new book by the author himself after bumping into him following the guitarist's trip to view a mirror engraved with Black Sabbath artwork for an art exhibition held at Velvet Music Rooms. Finch was in attendance for a different art event.

Paul Finch has written over 300 short stories and has also contributed stories to the vast Doctor Who literary world, as well as written for films, TV shows and numerous magazines. 

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