Death Punch's Spencer inspired by tattoo regret


Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer’s tattoo regret has inspired him to start a laser removal business.

His experience of having cartoon character Yosemite Sam burned off at the age of 26 – a decade after he’d had it done – has motivated him to launch Phase Tattoo Removal, which opens in Las Vegas on April 3 (Friday).

Spencer recalls his procedure as “tedious and painful” and wants to spare others from going through the same thing.

He says: “People sometimes regret having a tattoo with a former lover’s name, or one that was poorly executed. Like me, they may want the old one faded enough to have new ink covering it, or have it removed completely.”

Warning that the quality of laser services varies, he adds: “Poor-quality machines require many sessions, and some even lead to damaged skin. I searched everywhere until I found the latest and best technology.”

Spencer will be present when the business opens later this week. 5FDP guitarist Jason Hook recently confirmed the band had chosen a title for their next album, currently under production – but that they were keeping it a secret.