What's on your Metal Mix Vol.1 CD?


Picked up the new issue of Metal Hammer yet? If not, here’s 15 reasons to buy a copy! We’re giving away some of the best songs of the year from the Mastodon, King 810, Behemoth, Opeth and MORE!

1. Mastodon – The Motherload

An iron-cast rager to twerk to.

2. Opeth – Cusp Of Eternity

Prog’s modern kings smashed it once again.

3. Machine Head – Killers & Kings

A killer band on killer form. Machine fucking Head are back!

4. Within Temptation – Covered By Roses

Another knock-out from the Dutch heavyweights!

5. Of Mice & Men – Bones Exposed

Metal’s future big guns bring the bounce.

6. Behemoth – The Satanist

Being blasphemous has never felt this good.

7. King 810 – Best Nite Of My Life

An enticing, controversial gem.

8. Suicide Silence – Inherit The Crown

From tragedy comes this incredible return.

9. Upon A Burning Body – Bring The Rain

Grooves to chug whisky to!

10. Alaya – Inside

Another jewel in tech metal’s crown.

11. Brutai – Relapse

Intelligent noise from the UK’s capital.

12. Dripback – Shallow Lives

A disgraceful cockney racket.

13. Exist Immortal – Liberator

Vibrant and experimental metallic goodness.

14. Jesus Fucking Christ – Imma Gonna Kick U In Da Face

A lairy, different take on dancecore.

15. Boss Keloid – Locking Stumps

Like sludgy, clobbering riffs? Love this.

All of this on your FREE CD with Metal Hammer issue 265.