What happened when PVRIS met the young cast of School Of Rock the musical

a shot of pvris with a young star from school of rock the musical

When School Of Rock – the Richard Linklater-directed, Jack Black-starring musical comedy – burst onto our screens in 2003, it managed to seduce rock fans old and new with its fast-paced humour, poignant sub-plots, massive slabs of rock’n’roll nostalgia and its frankly awesome soundtrack. So what do you do with a film that has both a massive box office gross and an outstanding set of songs buried within it? You turn it into an Andrew Lloyd Webber-produced musical, of course!

The show, much like the film, stars a slew of unnervingly-talented child musicians discovering their rock stripes for the first time. But you can’t create a legion of rockstars in training without introducing them to some real-life rockstars, and that’s where chart-bothering alt.rockers PVRIS come in. We followed them on their trip to meet some of the School Of Rock kids backstage in London, where they answered questions on how they got started, life in a real band, and how much free ice cream you can reasonably expect to receive along the way. The results, as you can probably imagine, are sickeningly cute and you can watch it all unfold in the video below. What? No, YOU’VE got something in your eye.