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What do old people think of Korn?

Elders react to Korn

Korn made their mark on the world of metal by being the angst-ridden voice of the disaffected youth, unleashing years of pain and aggression through low-slung guitars and scatty vocals. But what do the elderly community think of the Bakersfield boys' shenanigans?

They weren't big fans of Rammstein, but Korn are a slightly more accessible beast. Being shown a selection of Korn's biggest videos including Blind, Freak On A Leash, Coming Undone and Falling Away From Me, the Elders of FBE weren't exactly taken with Jonathan Davis and co, offering such insights as “He’s having some kind of psychedelic fit” and “It’s abrasive and abusive”.

Some of the group were into it, though, especially the 71-year-old super woke Yehuda who, upon seeing the video to Freak On A Leash deduces that “The world’s not all a birthday party” and after seeing Falling Away From Me, offers “There’s so much pain in the world but who sings about it except metal bands.”

The Elders are also shown footage of a massive wall of death from a Korn arena show and give their opinions on why Korn were so popular in the early noughties.