What do old people think of Rammstein?

Elders react to Rammstein

Rammstein aren’t afraid of offending people and causing a bit of controversy – as their infamous video for Pussy made clear – but what do the older members of our society think of their sexualised, flame-throwing antics?

Dipping their toes into the world of the German industrial wrecking machine, the Elders are shown music videos for iconic Rammstein tracks Du Hast, Sonne, Mein Herz Brennt and more. From oily naked men with snake tongues to setting people on fire to a sinister Snow White, the group of senior citizens take it all in and come away asking the questions we’ve always wanted answered:

“Why all the darkness and the morose?” and “Is there a message?”

But rather than running away scared of the Deutschland deviants’ behaviour, some of the Elders are digging the music, and even moreso the fiery visuals in Benzin. However, describing Rammstein’s videos as “Heavy metal meets porno”, “Totally wild!” and “There are nicer things to look at”, it’s still probably not going to replace re-runs of Murder She Wrote.

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Rammstein want to try “unusual methods” on album no.7