We took Ghold record shopping at the most metal record store in London


Progressive noise merchants Ghold recently released their latest album Stoic through Crypt Of The Wizard. You might know Crypt Of The Wizard as the most metal record store in London, so it made sense to take the guys for a spot of shopping in the afternoon. Aided by store manager Charlie Woolley, Ghold have a rummage through some of heaviest and nastiest music ever pressed to vinyl, and pick out two records each to add to their bulging collections.

Here’s what Ghold picked up…

Paul Antony

Bathory – The Return

“A punk rock-infused, blueprint-forming black metal classic. It was the first Bathory album I heard, and one I revisit regularly. Unrelenting primitive savagery and a fantastic absorbing atmosphere. Born for burning!”

Palehorse – Looking Wet In Public

“Our former tour buddies slayed the horse for good with this, their final, and best, album. Two basses, two vocalists, no guitars, noise. Indescribable. Essential. The riff on Terrifying Japanese Coldplay Documentary is worth the purchase alone!”

Oliver Martin

Occvlta - Night Without End

“Charlie Crypt joined us on a brief European stint and kept us all sane by playing some dubious, but mostly awesome heavy metal in the van. One such band was Occvlta and this is their latest, filthy, German, old school banger. ‘My heart is made of shiny black leather with horns of heavy pure fucking gold.’ What more can you say?”

Memnon Sa – Lemurian Dawn

“Misha Hering runs Holy Mountain Studios down the road from Crypt Of The Wizard, and his solo project is the twisted, doomy, sci-fi synth-laden Memnon Sa. He asked me to do some guitar on this record, but more specifically some maleficent vocals, so I chain smoked a pack of baccy and channelled my inner nomadic shaman, trudging through the Gobi desert losing his fucking marbles.”

Aleks Wilson

Melting Hand – High Collider

“A noisy amalgamation of scuzzy heavy rock and flittering psychedelic dream passages – audibly akin to drilling a hole in one’s head to let the inner voices groove on out. Created by members of Drunk In Hell, Bong, Terminal Cheesecake, Luminous Bodies, Gum Takes Tooth; its a journey for sure. I’m looking forward to the next one, too!”

Oozing Wound – Earth Suck

“More touring companions; we met these guys when they were touring this record. It’s no faff thrash with riffs for days. The upbeat chug on opening track Going Through The Motions Til I Die got me hooked immediately. Check out all their albums or stay unenlightened – this is what modern thrash sounds like.”

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