Watch: My rollercoaster relationship with Joe Walsh – the book that explores the Eagles guitarist’s “darkest years”

Joe Walsh
(Image credit: Kristin Casey)

“Those years that I was with Joe, in the late-80s and early-90s, are the times that
nobody writes about,” says Kristin Casey. “They were his darkest years, and I was front-and-centre. So I was really the only one who had the whole story. I knew Joe better than anyone else at that time.”   

In the 70s, Joe Walsh had flown to the rock ‘n’ roll heights with America’s house band, the Eagles. But a decade later, with the Eagles on the rocks, and Walsh wrestling with the demons of long-term addiction and a tanking solo career, Casey was his muse and soulmate, during a seven-year love affair that was as beautiful as it was destructive.

Now, as she releases the new paperback edition of Rock Monster: My Life With Joe Walsh, the US author paints a compelling portrait of one of classic rock’s most fabled figures.      

Watch the video below. 

Rock Monster: My Life With Joe Walsh is out now in hardback and paperback, published by Rare Bird.