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Watch Bruce Dickinson singing Delilah by Tom Jones

Is there anything Bruce Dickinson can’t do? He’s the frontman of arguably the biggest metal band on the planet, he flies all over the world in his own Iron Maiden branded plane and helped create every metalhead’s favourite beer Trooper. And now it turns out he’s a karaoke master!

Appearing on the Irish game show Last Chance Lottery back in 1997, Bruce was the star of what seems to be a karaoke roulette segment in which he is required to belt out whichever song the wheel lands on.

Standing there in a very year-specific #ontrend leopardskin suit, the mighty Bruce is at the mercy of everyone’s favourite ‘90s Irish TV personality Patrick Kielty. The wheel keeps on turning and eventually lands on the coveted £850 spot of Tom Jones’ Delilah. Sure, the Welsh Sex Bomb might have one of the best voices in music but nothing is going to stop Dickinson absolutely belting this out with all the power and gusto of Iron Maiden at Donington.

Bruce rejoined Iron Maiden two years after this show aired. We’d like to think the two instances are related.