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Watch a horse headbanging to Pantera

(Image credit: Getty)

It’s hard to know what animals are really thinking. Why do parrots keep asking if Polly wants a cracker? Why do cats claw at the backdoor then stare blankly at you when you actually open it? Why do dogs lick their own balls? And why do horses headbang to Pantera?

It’s a question we’ve been pondering for literally minutes, and it comes as a result of the video below. James Dickson was happily driving around some rural fields blasting I’m Broken by Pantera and spotted this hoofed headbanger out of his window – so naturally he filmed it! Just look at this long-faced hay-munching metalhead.

Here’s some Pantera horse puns we didn’t know how to use. Sorry.

Fucking Horsestile
Revolution Is My Neigh
Cemetery Gaits
101 Hoof
The Great Southern Trendfilly

Remember the Meshuggah horse?