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Watch a grandma rock out on stage with Five Finger Death Punch

A grandma joins Five Finger Death Punch on stage

No matter how old you are, you can’t escape your love of metal. Whether you’re an 82-year-old man performing Bodies by Drowning Pool, ora woman in her 60s fronting her own grindcore band, age shouldn’t be a factor in your love of all things heavy. As this Five Finger Death Punch fan shows us.

At a recent FFDP show in Oslo, Norway, the ‘heavy metal grandma’ was picked from the front row of the audience (after rocking out all night) and invited on to the stage for the monstrous Jekyll And Hyde. Watch the two videos below to see her singing and dancing along with Ivan Moody, as well as showing off her sickest air guitar moves with bassist Chris Kael.

Check it out.

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