Vote for the best Nirvana song of all time

While they might have turned the world on its head with their catchy-as-you-like grunge anthems, Nirvana only actually recorded 102 songs in their short but phenomenally influential time together. From debut album Bleach – rugged, flawed, a mere $450 in the making but with its own indisputable charm – to the chart-busting Nevermind, those 100-odd songs went on to change music as we know it.

But what is the best Nirvana song of all time? We have a few ideas, but there’s only a few of us and plenty of you, so we’re going to defer to the wisdom of herds and place the final decision on your hands. 

Sick of seeing Smells Like Teen Spirit at the top of every single list like this, or would you fight tooth and nail to protect its rightful place as the world's eternal number one? We're handing the power over to you. Each of Nirvana's 102 songs are included in the list below, so scan it thoroughly and use your vote wisely.

Just head here to cast your vote.

Be sure to check back, because we'll be announcing the winner soon...

Briony Edwards

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