Tropical F**k Storm's new single is what happens when pot-smoking teenage morons grow up

A portrait of Tropical Fuck Storm
(Image credit: Jamie Wdziekonski)

Ever look back and cringe at the things you wrote, recorded or created as an angsty teenager railing against the world from your bedroom? Yeah, us too. But that's probably because we never wrote anything anywhere near as good as Legal Ghost.

The latest single to be released from Australian art-rockers Tropical Fuck Storm, the track was originally recorded by vocalist Gareth Liddiard in the 90s, when he was little more than a "pot-smoking teenage moron". After unearthing the track a few years ago, the band decided to revisit it for old-time's sake, recording a fresh version "right before the world went indoors".

"This is the first song I ever wrote that I thought was actually a decent song," says Liddiard. "Everything before it was kind of a big tantrum, but this song had a touch of class. 

"When I was putting together the Bong Odyssey record a few years ago, I heard it again and thought this was something that could work really well with TFS. 

"Although the original was really cool, it still sounded more like a sketch of a song, and wasn’t quite fully realised, so I took the song to TFS and we fleshed it out a bit."

Listen to Legal Ghost below. The 7" will be released on September 11 via Joyful Noise Recordings and is available for digital and physical pre-orders now.

Briony Edwards

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