Tracks Of The Week: New music from Nine Inch Nails, Bullet For My Valentine and more


Roll up, new music fans, for this week we have everything from extreme death metal to spooky stadium rock and breezy dream punk ready to be analysed and mercilessly judged by your discerning selves. 

But first, let's take a look at how our last week's participants got on. Congratulations are due to these three champions, who made your top spots. But perhaps the biggest props should be given to the Babymetal fans – or the Fox Squad, if you will – who spread the vote like wildfire to ensure Yui and co scooped a massive 80% of the vote.

3. Manic Street Preachers – Hold Me Like A Heaven
2. LOCKS – Bodies
1. Babymetal – Distortion

Who'll sway your vote this week? Check out our choices below, from a range of old favourites and newer faces. But first, let's take a look back at last week's winning song!

Nine Inch Nails - God Break Down The Door

Taken from Bad Witch – the latest in Nine Inch Nails' recent trilogy of albums and EPs – God Break Down The Door is a tangle of drum'n'bass beats, pounding electronics and smooth, Radiohead-esque synths and horns. While still audibly Reznor, it's significantly different to anywhere NIN have been before. Trent Reznor told Zane Lowe at Apple Music of the track: "We find that if we don't watch ourselves we tend to try to get somewhere comfortable because it feels better. Our performance turned into this thing that felt like we hadn't been in there before, and that started to reveal a whole different character. The space changed, and then we felt motivated. When it came to sing, I was really just trying things out, just to see. I'd never had the courage to sing like that; I didn't know I could sing like that."

Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go

Everyone's favourite Welsh metallers are back with this brand new track, which is the third to be unveiled from their forthcoming album Gravity. Frontman Matt Tuck says of the track: “Letting You Go was a very challenging song to write in so many ways. It's by far the most experimental track I've ever written musically and lyrically. I really wanted to make a track that stood out from the crowd and separated us from any other band in our genre, and that's exactly what Letting You Go does.”

Esprit D'Air - Calling You

J-Rockers Esprit D'Air are long time favourites here at Louder, and this latest track keeps up the tradition of emotional rock'n'roll packed with plenty of hooks and super tight solos. Vocalist Kai told Louder of the track: "Calling You is a song about losing someone you love, but you find it difficult to move on because everything reminds you of them. We filmed the music video in London on a quiet night, where the story of the lyrics is set.”

Ghost - Dance Macabre

Stadium spookers Ghost have unleashed a brand new track from upcoming album Prequelle and – rejoice! – it's a good, old-fashioned arena rocker, stuffed with catchy radio-friendly riffs and multi-part harmonies. Just imagine if someone made an AFI musical set in the 80s. Speaking about the direction of the album, Ghost leader Tobias Forge told the new issue of Metal Hammer: “What I’ve tried to do is make Ghost a little more Queen than AC/DC. I don’t mind a good rock banger at all, but I think that with Ghost, every song has to have its own clear idea and structure."

Liquid State - Dirty Little Preachers

One of the first tracks to be released by Bristol alt.rock newbies Liquid State, this track offers a seductive mix of angular riffs, rumbling grooves and soulful, bluesy vocals. The band say of the track: “We’re the  kids  who  grew  up  in  the  mosh  pit  right  next  to  you.  We  want  to  create  the  feelings  that  we experience  when  we  see  our  favourite  bands  and  the  only  way  to  do  that  is  to  follow  in  their footsteps  and  lay  it  all  out  on  the  line.”

Pop Evil - A Crime To Remember

The third single to be released from Pop Evil's recently released self-titled album is a lyrically potent, slick electro-rock number, which takes its cues from the school of electro fiends AWOLNATION and moody stadium rockers Imagine Dragons. In short, it sounds massive and was just made for US rock radio. Vocalist Leigh Kakaty says of the track: “Columbia has delivered what we feel is the most powerful video to date for Pop Evil. The concept keeps an open book storyline on how human beings view the world at the moment. Our hope is to raise awareness that it’s time for all of us to come together and be united.”

Culture Abuse - Bee Kind To The Bugs

This rabble of Bay area dream-punks are making an art of dragging Gen X slacker vibes shuffling and yawning into the 21st century. The latest single from their upcoming Epitaph debut, Bay Dream, this track is rife with breezy hooks and fuzzed-out joy. On the track, songwriter David Kelling says: "I was smoking a joint on our back porch in SF with my roommates, talking about bumble bees and how much they do for our planet. The fact that they can even fly is a miracle, and I was thinking about how they are all being killed off because humans are horrible. I wrote down the words ‘be kind to the bees, be kind to the bugs’".

Sinsaenum - Final Resolve

Now for a complete change of pace, this offering from the Joey Jordison x Frédéric Leclercq "extreme death metal supergroup" is taken from newly-announced album Repulsion For Humanity. You guessed it: it's loud. It's brutal. It's riffy – crank it. Jordison says of the album: "In a way Repulsion… almost feels like this is our first album, because I had the opportunity to record my drum tracks in France with the band present this time. Them giving me ideas, and being able to construct the tracks together as a band made for a killer foundation for the rest to build upon. This album is lethal, and the song writing has evolved immensely.”

The Joy Formidable - Dance Of The Lotus

Robert Smith-approved alt.rockers The Joy Formidable are back with the first track to be released from their upcoming album, which is apparently "rumoured to be their most vibrant and experimental yet". This track is rich with sonic swirls and lush instrumental chaos. lead vocalist Ritzy Bryan says of the track: “We wanted to share this album track with the people who have supported us to give them a glimpse of what we’ve been working on, and this track is right at the heart of our new record. It’s magical and lonely, like a night-time walk in the desert when you’re trying to escape from yourself and the chaos you’ve created.”

Black Orchid Empire – My Favourite Stranger

Do you like big fuckin' riffs? And do you like them loud? Well, do we have a band for you! This London trio – who are soon to embark on tour with the newly-revived INME – combine intelligent metal riffs with a hooky post-hardcore twist, and are swiftly becoming marked as ones to watch on the UK underground music scene.  

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