These are the best six new songs you'll hear all week

Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley
See Sum 41 get attacked by Kim Kardashian

This last week has proved to be one of the most uneventful in British history, whether it’s politics or sport or our friends and family’s Facebook feed. We count ourselves lucky, then, that these six songs were dropped in our lap and stopped us losing our minds with boredom. Thanks everyone, good job.


Lyric videos seem to be a cheaper alternative to shooting a fancy video these days and can be hit and miss. Good Charlotte have added an interesting spin on the idea and turned it into a night into a karaoke booth, without your mate hogging the mic and spilling beer all over the place. The song’s catchy as hell too, so you probably don’t need to see the lyrics more than once.

BLACK PEAKS – White Eyes

Having just released their ambitious debut album, Statues, Brighton’s Black Peaks have followed it up with this video for White Eyes. The band have said it was one of the most challenging songs on the record to make and that they spent years writing and re-writing it. Not surprising really, when you hear how epic and complex it is.

SUM 41 – Fake My Own Death

If it’s hard to believe that Sum 41 will celebrate 20 years of being a band this year, it’s also hard to believe that this song – taken from forthcoming sixth album 13 Stories ­– is by the same band who sang In Too Deep. Sure, this song is shot through with the same kind of pop-punk catchiness, but it’s imbued with a much heavier hardcore edge, too. The meme-heavy video also features Kim Kardashian attacking the band with her arse.

OF MICE & MEN – Pain

If the title didn’t already give it away, this track taken from Of Mice & Men’s upcoming album Cold World is not a pretty ballad. Pain suggests that their fourth full-length album will find the quintet in savage form and has a distinct old skool nu metal flavour. The video’s brilliant too, if you like stuff like The Exorcist and documentaries about demonic possession.

PERIPHERY – Flatline

This track from the DC djents’ new album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty, is an onslaught of riffs and some truly heavy sonic mayhem. That’s not to say it’s one-dimensional, though. There’s a good chunk of nuanced melody and the song ends in a very different place to where it started without going about it in a cack-handed manner.


Here’s an experiment. Do you like spicy food? The Carolina Reaper is regarded as the hottest chilli pepper in the world (sorry Anthony Kiedis). It’s so hot that ingesting one will make you hallucinate and see all sorts of weird stuff. Or, you could save yourself some pain and just watch the video for Chevron, a track taken from Cult Of Luna and Julie Christmas’ album, Mariner. Judging by this epic nine-minute track, this Swedish-American collaboration could be easily be a contender for metal album of the year.