Tracks Of The Week


See which six tracks have touched our tympanic membrane during the past seven days, like some sort of riff-fuelled Mr. Tickle.

QUEEN KWONG – Get A Witness This new single from Queen Kwong – the LA outfit fronted my Carré Callaway which features her other half, Wes Borland, on guitar – is a glowering gloomfest obsessed with death. In other words, it’s a gentle yet powerful song that might be quiet but which shimmers with dark, deadly undertones.

**TWIN ATLANTIC – Fall Into The Party **Cobbled together from live footage of their biggest headline tour to date, the video for Fall Into The Party pretty much shows off the the joys (and none of the boring, hard bits) of being in a band. It’s a triumphant video for a triumphant song and, if the clips are anything to go by, just the start of what’s to come for the Glasgow quartet.

**COHEED & CAMBRIA – You Got Spirit, Kid **Taken from their forthcoming eighth album, The Color Before The Sun, You Got Spirit, Kid is probably their most straightforward rock song to date. But then again, the band are putting their epic sci-fi musical odyssey on hold for what’s being hailed as much more personal record, so it makes sense. And it definitely sounds promising.

**P.I.L. – Double Trouble **P.I.L.’s second album since reuniting in 2009, What The World Needs Now… kicks off with this spiky, belligerent tune about…plumbing? Apparently so, according to frontman John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon, who spits and sneers his way through the song’s jerky, angular guitar lines like an angry tradesman. Maybe it makes more sense in the context of the whole record…

BRAWLERS – Annabel Formed from the ashes of Dinosaur Pile-Up, Brawlers sound a bit like Frank Turner on speed. Which is to say this track, taken from the band’s debut record, Romantic Errors Of Our Youth, is a blistering, breakneck punk rock song (it lasts just 1 minute 47 seconds) riddle with cathartic confessions and an insistent, infectious and playful passion.

**DEFEATER – Spared In Hell **Defeater’s albums tell the story of a struggling wartime family ripped apart by their own dysfunctional relationships with each other, leading to murder, alcoholism and a whole lot more besides. Fourth album Abandoned comes from the point of view of a priest experiencing a crisis of faith. Until now, he’s only been an ancillary character, but it’s nevertheless incredibly powerful stuff.