Tracks Of The Week


In 1979, Sister Sledge claimed they were lost in music. However, the following six songs, if played consecutively, would have helped the Philadelphia siblings find their way out of any metaphorical disco pickle.

Listen, enjoy and leave your comments below…

**With last year’s magnificent fifth album, No Closer To Heaven, The Wonder Years shifted their focus from South Philly basements and personal emotions and crises to larger philosophical and social issues. This track is the perfect example of that – a mature pop-punk song that ruminates on death and the decay of the world at large, which also features a blistering cameo from letlive.’s Jason Aalon Butler.

**ANTHRAX – Blood Eagle Wings
**If you woke up today thinking, ‘What I really feel like watching is an Anthrax video that’s eight minutes long and features a whole load of death and torture’ then you’re in luck. It’s totally gratuitous, but when the song’s is full of such brilliant, brooding menace, it’s hard to look away. Sleep well.

**JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES – Making Monsters
**Best known as the guitarist for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, John 5 has released, alongside his band The Creatures, this awesomely kitsch video featuring some well-known B-movie monsters playing along with the guitarist – in doll form. Making Monsters is an instrumental shredder which kind of recreates the classic horror theme with a heavy metal twist.

**DROWNING POOL – By The Blood
**Dallas metallers Drowning Pool celebrate their 20th anniversary this year with the release of their sixth studio album, Hellelujah. By The Blood track is a full-throttle dose of incessant riffs and growls that brim with energy. Veterans they may be, but they sound like full of youth and fire as ever.

**Las Vegas bad boys Five Finger Death Punch don’t really do ballads but here’s a song that shows off their most wistful side, much like a UFC fan who’s seen his hero get a proper beating. Don’t worry, there’s still bone-crunching riffs and a massive sound best filed under ‘Arena Metal Anthems’, but under all that bravado, there’s a nagging sense of loss, something played out by this video’s moving and dramatic story.

HECK – Good As Dead
Here’s an angry hors d’oeuvres from Instructions, the debut album from the band formerly known is Baby Godzilla. Cue frantic screams, angular riffs and a heady sense of nihilism all wrapped up into one massive punch in the ears. The video’s brilliant, too. Their choreography definitely beats the clip where they all chugged Jägermeister until they puked from every hole in their face.