Tracks of the Week


Why is Kevin McCallister looking scared? It’s probably because he’s played our tracks of the week at an excessive volume and the neighbours have popped over to complain.

It’s got nothing to do with parental neglect and an imminent burglary by two bungling criminals. Nah.

STONE FREE – Running Free
Here’s Stone Sour’s bold take on Iron Maiden’s 1980 single, plucked from their recent Record Store Day EP Straight Outta Burbank. It’s exactly the same as the original, because sometimes, it’s best not to tamper with the classics. Listen out for Corey Taylor’s Paul Di’Anno signature scream at the song’s climax. Hats off all round.

PLAIN WHITE T’S – American Nights
Still best known for the song (Hey There Delilah) that sounds almost nothing like anything else they’ve ever recorded, Plain White T’s have returned with what’s possibly the cutest video ever made. Watch and marvel as mini versions of the band set off in search of some true American romanticism to match the song’s sweet if naive mythologising of the USA.

As The Boss gears up to release an expanded, deluxe version of 1980 double-LP The River, it’s clear there’s a wealth of unheard outtakes. This is one of the lost songs – a classic, rollicking Bruce tune full of wonder, joy and sadness. Hardcore fans might recognise lyrics later used on Point Blank (and Springsteen’s cover of Tom Waits’ Jersey Girl); most will wonder how the hell it didn’t make the final cut.

Every track that Australia’s Tonight Alive release from forthcoming album Limitless continues to defy expectations. To Be Free confirms just how far the band are pushing their sound. While more upbeat than the recently revealed Human Interaction, this track nevertheless shows off the more mature lyrical and musical outlook that looks set to define the record.

SWANS – Love Of Life
Terrifying, intense and ambitious in equal measure, Swans are a band as savage as they are soothing. This is one of the bonus tracks from the vinyl reissue of 1992’s _Love Of Life _– an extended version of the title track that’s creepy, weird, harrowing, psychotic and all those other things that make Swans, still to this day, such a formidable band.

AUGUST BURNS RED – Home Alone Theme
You know it’s nearly Christmas when Home Alone appears on the TV. In anticipation of such festive festivities, Pennsylvania metalcore types August Burns Red have released their version of the film’s theme tune. It sounds, well, pretty much like you’d expect – a little bit metal, a little bit camp and a whole lot of fun.