Tracks of the Week


Here’s a clutch of shiny releases that proved as bracing as an ice cold shower in a draughty old house…

FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS – Danger In the good ol’ days of movies and television, a damsel in distress tied to the train tracks was a common occurrence. In this new FVK video, it’s the television itself which seems (appropriately enough, given the song’s title) in danger – throughout this catchy, poppy anthem, an old fashioned set appears in various precarious places, including (yes, you guessed it) on a train track. Remember, safety first.

EAGLES OF DEATH METAL – Complexity Making fun of indier-than-thou hipsters (and hipper-than-thou indie scenesters) everywhere, this new EODM has a very ’80s new wave sound and a deliberately pretentious black and white accompanying video – directed by Liam ‘This is my United States Of Whatever’ Lynch. Surely one of the few times you’ll see founding members Josh Homme and Jesse Hughs wearing turtle necks…

BRING ME THE HORIZON – True Friends “True friends stab you in the front” declares Oli Sykes a few times throughout this new song, taken from the band’s recently released fifth full-length, That’s The Spirit. Balancing pop-tinged sensibilities with remnants of their early metalcore days, it’s an epic song that soars high with ambition and conviction.

BLACKLISTERS – I Knock Myself Out There can’t be many more tracks as aptly named as this track from Leeds noise merchants Blacklisters. A live version of this song from their forthcoming album Adult, it’s a brutal barrage of disconcerting noise, flashing lights and jerking cameras that make it feel like a really intense episode of ER. But with more atonal shouting.

PARKWAY DRIVE – Crushed If metalcore existed in ancient times, it would probably sound like this. Which is to say this track from the Austrlian band’s forthcoming fifth album could easily sound one of those terrible but strangely compelling films about evil entities coming to life and raising Hell on Earth. Which, funnily enough, is an accurate description of its video.

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS – The Darkest Times It might be called The Darkest Times, but this new track from Ohio screamo types Hawthorne Heights is full of hope. That’s something the inspirational quote that’s onscreen for the first 44 seconds of this ‘video’ – until the song kicks in properly – highlights. They’ve gone through a ridiculous number of members and line-up changes, but it’s safe to say that this is quintessential Hawthorne Heights.