Tracks Of The Week


Reasons to be cheerful, part 3461.

IRON MAIDENSpeed Of Light For their first new song in five years, metal behemoths Iron Maiden have made a video that doubles up as a kind of history of video game evolution – an Eddie The Head avatar grows in size, improves in resolution and finds himself in a variety of different situations as as the rollicking, quintessentially Maiden track thunders through. If only we could actually play it…

ESCAPE THE FATEJust A Memory Ten years into their career and with a fifth album on the horizon, Las Vegas metalcore types Escape The Fate show no sign of slowing down. Starting off fast and furious, this song speeds into a dark and foreboding breakdown (“Someone like you is gonna die alone,” proclaims Craig Mabbit) before once again accelerating into a thunderous crash of noodling guitars and machine gun drums.

LUCEROCan’t You Hear Them Howl Country-punks/drunks Lucero have been spinning heartbroken odes while necking the whiskey for almost 20 years now. While you can hear here the toll that’s taken on frontman Ben Nichols’ vocals, this is as energetic as it is jaded, an almost Springsteen-esque stomp through old memories and sleepless nights that should have you bellowing along at the top of your lungs.

ENTER SHIKARIAnaesthetist (Reso remix) Remixes of rock bands are dodgy at the best times, but if you’re going to do it, then Enter Shikari’s revolutionary trance/hardcore hybrid is a pretty good candidate. While this remix removes the political bile that drives the original version of this pro-NHS/anti-Conservative diatribe, the gruesome video almost makes up for that.

THE DEAD WEATHERI Feel Love (Every Million Miles) If you’ve been longing for a new track from Jack White’s other band (well, one of them) and haven’t got around to trying newfangled streaming site TIDAL yet, then here’s your lucky day. Because the only way you can watch the new Dead Weather video – for their first new track in five years – is by signing up. Here’s a 27-second teaser, though, which sounds suitably bluesy, rocky and Led Zeppelin-y.

THE SMITH STREET BANDI Scare Myself Sometimes (featuring Lucy Wilson) While Australia’s Smith Street Band might be one of the best and boisterous punk rock bands around at the moment, this new single starts off a little more like Kate Nash, thanks to guest vocalist Lucy Wilson. But don’t hold that against it – it soon becomes a full-on, Frank Turner-esque singalong folk punk anthem. And the animated video is really sweet.